Turinabol 10 by Hilma Biocare

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Form & Quantity: Oral - 100 tablets per pack
Concentration: 10 milligrams of active chemical per tablet
Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio: 53:6
Estrogen Conversion: No
Androgen profile: Mild
Metabolic pathway: Hepatic

Turinabol: Basic Chemistry And Historical Context

Turinabol is a relatively rare anabolic from a historical perspective, as it is one of the only mainstream drugs that originated from athletic use. Where most anabolics were first created and used for medical or research purposes, Tbol 10 was designed by the Soviet Union explicitly to help boost their athletes’ capabilities for international competitions like the Olympic Games.


From a structural standpoint, it is a cross between the Clostebol and Methandienone anabolics. This is because it has a Methandienone base, but with an added 4-Chloe of chemical group attached. This creates a very mild, but also efficient and side effect friendly steroid, which indicates it may have been designed primarily for universal use among athletes, both male and female.


This is because it can provide a boost in lean mass and strength. However, the very low, almost non-existent, androgen profile means issues like virilization for women are very unlikely. Meanwhile, the structure of the chemical also prevents it from being converted into estrogen while being metabolized, meaning male users don’t have to worry about increased fat and booting with use. This gives it a diverse range of uses and programs in which it can be used, as well as some more forgiving range in dosing, particularly for more advanced practitioners.

Dosing And Administration

As mentioned above, the use of Turinabol 10 mg pills and the users’ profiles, can vary highly, so can the dosing used. The tablet form does mean that high amounts may not be ideal due to the potential for hepatic strain with such doses.


For male users, doses can range from 20 to 69 milligrams, and for females, it would be around 5 to 20 milligrams. These would be taken daily spaced out at regular intervals. More advanced users would normally drift towards the higher ends of these doses, and beginners would move more toward the lower end. The oral form would make its administration more convenient and user-friendly too, as well as more portable. All of these would make it an attractive choice for those unfamiliar with anabolic use.

Programs And Common Use

The efficient, yet mild nature of Turinabol means it is normally used by competitive athletes rather than bodybuilders. It is also most commonly used in programs where the goal is mass and performance retention during periods of weight cutting and fat loss, which is normally close to a competition. Although, some female and beginner male users may use it in gradual and efficient phases of muscle and strength gains.


These phases would all normally last for periods between 6 to 8 weeks. The drug would almost never be used alone either, and would normally be accompanied by other anabolics, in order to help augment its results, which are discussed below.


While Turinabol 10mg gets a reputation as a mild and efficient steroid, it has shown some potent results with use that may mean it can have a place as an efficient builder of lean mass for both intermediate and advanced anabolic users.


It has reportedly given lean mass gains of up to 10 pounds of lean mass in as little as 6 weeks, which are fast and substantial gains, and likely have related benefits to both strength and power capacity.


Regardless, external factors will still play an integral role in the above-mentioned results. These would include a high-quality exercise and diet regime, and the accompanying anabolics and the structure and implementation of the program therein. 

Package 100 tablets (10 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Hilma Biocare
Substance Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone
Common name Oral Turinabol

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