Oxandrolone 10 mg by Hilma Biocare

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Form & Quantity: Oral - 100 tablets per pack

Concentration: 10 milligrams of active chemical per tablet

Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio: 24:322

Estrogen Conversion: No

Androgen profile: Mild

Metabolic pathway: Hepatic

Oxandrolone (Anavar): Chemistry And Pharmacokinetics

Oxandrolone, which you may know better by its more popular brand name of Anavar, is a relatively simple anabolic. It is a form of the endogenously produced testosterone with an oxygen atom replacing one of the carbon atoms in the structure.


While simple, this modification acts to blunt a lot of its undesirable androgenic effects, despite its higher androgen rating, and makes for a far milder steroid, as well as eliminating its affinity for aromatization, meaning that partial processing of the chemical into estrogen during metabolization is not a concern when it’s being used.


In terms of its basic interaction with the body, little has changed: its effects occur through the binding of the chemical with androgen receptors in the body, in order to change cell signaling and elicit responses, such as a boost in protein synthesis and retention, as well as a decreased breakdown in proteins and a rise in red blood cell production.


These effects make it so useful in medical circles and, more specifically, an agent for improving aesthetic and athletic performance.

Doses And Common Use

The most common use in athletic and aesthetic circles of Oxandrolone is by female users, due to its mild and user-friendly nature. However, it is sometimes used by beginners and intermediate male users, particularly during periods where they are trying to maintain lean mass and associated fitness gains while reducing fat.


For women, common doses would include 10 to 25 milligrams per day, while it would rise to 20 to 60 milligrams daily for male users.


The length of use would generally last between 6 to 8 weeks.

Combinations And Programs

Because of the milder nature of Anavar, it is rarely used alone by females, and it is almost never used alone by male practitioners either. Common drugs used in tandem would include Masteron and Primobolan for female users. Meanwhile, male users would generally pair it with stronger items like Trenbolone and Stanozolol.


Although many think of Oxandrolone 10mg as a “weak” anabolic, they may be surprised by the potent results it can give, with research showing it can boost protein synthesis in the muscle by up to 400%. So, it may have more use for males and for more advanced females than it is initially given credit for, especially when looking for gradual and efficient results for your training. 

Package 100 tablets (10 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Hilma Biocare
Substance Oxandrolone
Common name Anavar

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