Methandienone (Dianabol) by Hilma Biocare

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Form & Quantity: Oral - 100 tablets per pack

Concentration: 10 milligrams of active chemical per tablet

Anabolic/Androgenic Ratio: 150:50

Estrogen Conversion: Yes, moderate

Androgen profile: Mild

Metabolic pathway: Hepatic

Chemistry and structure

The Methandienone (Dbol) is a form of the endogenous hormone testosterone, that has undergone chemical alteration to reduce its androgen profile and increase its anabolic potency.


These changes include the addition of a methyl chemical group to the alpha point of the 17th carbon position of its structure, which accomplished the latter. Meanwhile, the introduction of a double carbon bond between the first and second carbon points accomplish the former. This results in a well-tolerated and fairly potent chemical, which is a popular inclusion in the program of many athletes and bodybuilders.


Common doses used by those looking to obtain an athletic or aesthetic benefit from its use stands at 10 to 100 milligrams daily. This would be for male users. Normally, females are advised not to take it, even those looking for athletic or physique benefits.


However, some still reportedly use it at doses between 5 and 15 milligrams for a favorable result. There is still the risk of incurring serious side effects with this use in females though. So, care should still be taken. The original recommendation to stay away from it still stands.


Programs and training phases

Because of its potency and well-tolerated use for most, Methandienone is most commonly utilized in tandem with other anabolics like testosterone and other mass-builders.


Its low efficiency, discussed in further detail below, means it is most commonly included in programs where the objective is to gain strength, power and size in a moderate to rapid timeframe. Such programs would normally last between 4 to 6 weeks.

Benefits of use

The anabolic effect of Methandienone means benefits would include a sharp boost in muscle mass, strength and power capacity. It would also boost red blood cell production, which would increase the amount of nutrients reaching muscle tissue and blood oxygenation, which would mean a boost in rate of recovery and work capacity. An increase in bone density is also common. These would all occur at a greater rate and magnitude than if normal training and nutrition were carried out.

Potential adverse effects of Metandienone

While there are considerable perks to the use of Methandienone for athletic or aesthetic purposes, there are some drawbacks as well, which were already mentioned when talking about its efficiency.


Firstly, Dianabol has a strong tendency to be partially converted into estrogen when metabolized, thus causing an increase in estrogen levels, which increases its associated effects like water retention and increased fat gain. This means that lean mass increases will be accompanied by some fat and bloating.


Secondly, there is still some androgenic effects, meaning issues like bouts of oily skin and acne, as well as faster rates of balding in those genetically predisposed are all possible. Meanwhile, virilizing effects in females are likely to happen.


Thirdly, its use may increase the risk of a negative cardiac event, with an increase in unhealthy LDL cholesterol, an enlarged heart and increased arterial stiffness, as well as high blood pressure, all prevalent with use.


Finally, its use will suppress endogenous testosterone production, which will necessitate concurrent exogenous testosterone supplementation with use, and a good Post Cycle Therapy regime afterwards, in order to reduce the severity and occurrence of deficiency related problems. 

Package 100 tablets (10 mg/tablet)
Manufacturer Hilma Biocare
Substance Metandienone, Methandienone, Methandrostenolone
Common name Dianabol, Dbol

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