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Testo Caps - Restandol 40mg (30Caps)

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30 x Testosterone Undecanoate Capsule 40mg by MSD

Buy Andriol Online at Affordable Price

Andriol has quickly become a popular item included in a lot of medical treatments for clinical conditions. This is due to the convenience and efficiency of the capsules, allowing the users to improve their quality of life.


However, many who are unfamiliar with this product may be wondering why it’s become so popular in medical settings.


Testocaps are a particularly unique form of the Testosterone hormone. It is an esterified form of the chemical packaged in an oil-based solution within a capsule. As a result, it is designed to be taken orally in order to exert its effect. But, unlike most other oral chemical preparations, these capsules have both an alternate structural make-up and a different mean of metabolic action in the body.


Andriol Testocaps are absorbed through the small intestines into the lymphatic system before it reaches the muscle tissues, as opposed to through the liver. Also, it isn’t C17-alpha-alkylated, meaning it hasn’t had an additional methyl chemical group attached to the alpha position at the 17th Carbon point of its chemical structure.


This means that there is no liver strain or need for injection upon administering this product, as it is necessary with alternative substances. Yet, despite its relatively high safety profile and lack of severe side effects, it is still incredibly difficult to find Andriol Testocaps for sale without a medical prescription, and it can even be considered a felony in some countries like the USA.


So, your best bet for getting this item is to acquire it through online retailers like this website. Below, we look at how you can get this product electronically through our website. But first, we’ll take a look at how you can use this item for clinical or recreational purposes, and the positives and negatives behind its use.


This will allow you to fully understand how and why someone might buy Andriol and include it into a regime.

Andriol Testocaps Positive And Side Effects

Positive effects

As may be guessed according to the above information, there are a number of perks and drawbacks to the Andriol 40 mg sold here.


The most clear set of unique perks of using this form of the popular hormone is its ease of use and added comfort stemming from not having to inject the solution to obtain its benefits.


It’s pill form also makes it easier to transport and take on very short notice. The chemical also has a very short lifespan in the body. It can range anywhere from a few hours to around 24 hours after repeated dosing.


This can make Andriol a useful choice for those trying to avoid a positive drug test, particularly when close to a competitive event, show, or tournament.


Other than the above facts, the compound also carries the same basic benefits than its injectable or gel-based counterparts contain. Namely, a greater level of muscle protein synthesis and a concurrent attenuation of muscle protein. This accompanied by a rise in red blood cell count and production.


Consequently, this leads to a greater increase in strength and power output capabilities, as well as a rise in overall work capacity than would be possible from training alone. It also leads to faster recovery between bouts of exercise.


For those using it for clinical purposes, such as for treatment for testosterone deficiency, it can also help improve mood, libido, and quality of life.

Drawbacks and side effects

With all the perks of these Testosterone Undecanoate capsules, you may be wondering why they aren’t a staple in everybody’s diet, whether their goals are clinical, competitive, or recreational.


This is because there are also a few unique drawbacks to these capsules. The biggest of which being the low bioavailability, or absorption and use, of this form of the drug.


While injectable forms of this steroid have a bioavailability of around 95%, meaning almost all of it is absorbed and used in the body to produce its benefits, the capsules only have a bioavailability of around 7%.


This means only a very small amount of the capsule you take is used in your body, necessitating far higher doses by users to elicit the same impact as their injectable counterparts.


The dosage of Restandol is discussed in further detail below. However, this lower stimulation means that this item may not have many benefits for experienced steroid users and may be best suited for clinical purposes or beginner and intermediate recreational or competitive users of these substances.


Other than this, the other common side effects include:


  • A drop in endogenous hormone production, which can lead to complete cessation with sufficiently excessive dosing, and persist after cessation of the compounds use.
  • Estrogenic events, like water and adipose tissue retention and possible buildup of tissue around the breasts (gynecomastia) in men
  • Androgenic events, like oily skin or acne, or premature balding in those genetically predisposed
  • Virilizing effect in women, such as alterations in facial structure or voice and accelerated body hair growth


These all merit careful consideration to ensure that the inclusion of this product in your diet is the right choice for you.

Andriol Dosage for Beginners And Experienced Users

Due to its low bioavailability, a higher dose is necessary to elicit the perks desired by those who purchase Andriol Testocaps online for aesthetic or competitive purposes.


The most commonly used amount for those using Andriol Testocaps 40 mg for these reasons is usually 10 to 14 capsules each day, which would equate to around 400 to 500 milligrams daily.

Meanwhile, more experienced users will likely need even higher amounts.

Andriol (Restandol) For Sale  

As mentioned prior in this article, you will likely need a medical prescription if you are looking to get Andriol from a conventional vendor, like a pharmacy, due to heavy government restrictions. This is assuming that your pharmacy has access to this item and the Andriol Testocaps 40 mg capsules price isn’t too high.


With online vendors like this website, you can easily and quickly get this item at a more competitive price and without any medical prescription or bureaucratic processes. Simply place an electronic request and payment to us and we can send out the item quickly and discreetly so you can start including it into your program. 

Package 30 capsules (40 mg/capsule)
Manufacturer MSD
Substance Testosterone Undecanoate
Common name Andriol

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